Prognosis and Health Management  
The prognosis and health management (PHM) of aerospace components is a very complex system. A complete PHM system involves sensors, signal processing, condition monitoring, health assessment, physical reasoning and decision-making. PHM Systems are needed to predict the health of aeroengines and maintain a safe and reliable operating life of aircrafts. We are currently developing an Analytical Software System for Prognosis Health Management (PHM) of Aerospace Systems. Our research and development will focus on the prognostics and the decision-making elements of the PHM system where the data collected from the sensors will be used to predict the behaviour of the components as well as the whole system.

Our objectives are:
  • to develop physics-based models to better understand the failure mechanisms;
  • to develop statistical models to understand the signatures of failures long before the failures actually occur;
  • to design and build a prognostic system that incorporates the models of the engine system we develop;
  • to integrate all the aspects of decision making process into the prognostic software system.
We have collaborations with the University of Waterloo and National Research Council.