TECSIS CORPORATION is a professional company that delivers Consulting and IT Services and Solutions. TECSIS CORPORATION also focuses on Product Development and Research and Development services. Located in the National Capital Region, TECSIS CORPORATION has strong relationships with both the public and private sector, universities and other research institutions and a reputation for a commitment to excellence.

TECSIS CORPORATION portfolio of services demonstrates a significant understanding of how technology drives the future. The experience and knowledge TECSIS CORPORATION has gained is leveraged to ensure best practices, technologies and methodologies are available to all clients, large or small. We share knowledge and abilities to best serve clients in their desire to achieve maximum service and cost improvement. TECSIS CORPORATION assists clientele in meeting their business and strategic goals.

Quick Facts:
We are currently working in the following areas:
  • TECSIS CORPORATION founded in 1994
  • Canadian owned and operated
  • Expertise in software development, consulting solutions, Information Management and Technology consulting and research and development
  • Perform with Cistel in Government Online accreditation in 2001 Business Process & Content (BP&C) and Informatics Professional (IPS) Streams
  • TECSIS CORPORATION is once more recognized by Branham Group's Top 300 IT Professional Services Companies. Year 2002 marked the first year that TECSIS CORPORATION appeared on the prestigious Branham listing. In its first year on the listing, the company ranked 81st out of 100, in 2003 it ranked 245 out of 250 and in 2006 it ranked 241 out of 250

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